Drives for F5J/F3J (new Turbo-Series) Powerline micro 1025/F5J turbo (-2400 Gramm)

During the last years we have been able to expand the powerline micro F5J series continuous. This success is due to the countless winners with our drives.

With our brandnew powerline micro F5J (turbo) series equipped with integrated, active engine cooling we respond to the new trend in competitive flying.

The gliders are nowadays built more and more lightweight, for competition 1400g and less. For beeing able to fly at more windspeed, the gliders are often equipped with ballast framework. This is where our new and more powerful powerline micro F5J (turbo) comes to fruition.

Through a complete rework, we’ve been able to increase performance, extend runtime and increase efficiency.

Furthermore we are now offering a gapless powerline micro serie for gliders from 1000-3000g.

The powerline micro turbo is not a kit, drive and gearbox represent a permanent unit.

Technical Data (drive with gearbox)

  • suits for gliders from 1600-2400g
  • feasable power: 500W 50A
  • weight 104 grams (without cables)
  • length 73 mm
  • diameter 22 mm
  • pitch circle diameter 17 mm
  • shaft diameter 5 mm
  • for 3s Lipo
  • recommended ESC: YGE 60LVs / YGE 65LVT
  • recommended propeller: RF 16×8 CFK / RF 16×8,5 CFK / GM 16×8 CFK
  • 3s Lipo 1000 up to 1600 mAh

The weight of our complete F5J set for standard gliders is only around 270g!

We offer a complete set including Freudenthaler propeller and spinner, SLS- battery, YGE-ESC, 4mm gold connectors (light) and several different cfk-drive-frames to choose.
In the PRO version the set contains the 16×8,5 propeller and a spinner with offset. This spinner ensures better-fitting propeller blades during gliding.

Individual weights

  • powerline micro 1025:   104g
  • propeller FR 16×8,5:   12g
  • FR 30mm turbo-spinner:   13g
  • Lipo 3s 1000 40C:   98g
  • ESC YGE 60:   38g
  • cfk-drive-frame:   1g
  • plugs and screws:   5g

Fitting Accessories to order with!

  • battery: 3s max. 1600mAh
  • ESC: YGE 60LVs / YGE 65LVT
  • propeller: RF 16×8 / RF 16×8,5 / GM 16×8
  • drive-frames are available from ∅26 in 1mm steps
  • spinners are available in the following diameters: 30,32,36,38,40 mm
    All spinners are available with offset or with straight centerpiece and in black or white.
    Name the appropriate diameter when ordering!